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Rotterdam Yoga Photoshoot

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B&W Inspiration


Next level Poses

Hard or more difficult


Hair: Thinking wavy or soft curls could be pretty cool. It’s all about that relaxed, just-rolled-out-of-yoga vibe that looks so effortless and natural.


Makeup: Let’s keep it real and natural. A bit of a glow to show off your beautiful features without going overboard. We’re aiming for that fresh, healthy look that screams “I love yoga and I’m fabulous!”


Outfit Time: So, I won’t be providing the outfits for this shoot. You’ll need to dive into your wardrobe and pick something out. Bright and clear colours like blue, pink, and yellow would be amazing – they just pop in photos. But maybe skip the white this time around; it can be a bit tricky to photograph properly.


A Little Tip: Comfort is key, so make sure whatever you bring feels good on and lets you move freely. Maybe pack a few options so we can play around with looks and find what works best.


The mat: May get dirty as we will be shooting in a park.



Museumpark 22, 3015 CX Rotterdam


Model release Link, generic one, but please let me know if you need more details.

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