The lockdown project

At the end of April, my wife and I were reflecting on our wedding photos, as our first wedding anniversary was approaching. We felt the nostalgic power that photography has to help us remember the special moments in our lives. We were finding ourselves with a bit more free time than usual, so we thought it would be a great idea to use that time and my photography to bring families a momento of their time together during lockdown, whilst at the same time raising money for NHS charities.

We were delighted by the level of interest in the project from families in our community; we photographed 42 families at their doorstep/garden over seven weekends, raising almost £1200. It was great to get to know so many lovely families in our community. We photographed all sorts of people, including NHS workers, local business owners, pregnant ladies due to give birth within the next week, babies in their first few months of life and engaged couples who were supposed to be getting married but had to put off the wedding.

Some beautiful moments we were able to be a part of include the following:

Taking the first proper photos of a two month old baby with his family, taken for the baby’s grandparents, as they had not yet been able to meet him due to lockdown restrictions.

Creating family photos to be given as a gift from a mother to her 90-year-old grandfather.

Providing multiple families with the first printed photos they’ve ever had as a whole family.

Doing a photoshoot for a family, given as a gift from their neighbour to show their appreciation for the contribution that they make to their neighbourhood.

Taking the first photos of a family in their new house that they moved into just before lockdown.

Making a beautiful princess celebrating her sixth birthday at home very happy by taking photos of her with her brother and sister.

My Wife and I

The project is so meaningful to me, knowing the contribution it has made to these families and to the NHS, but what makes it extra special for me is that I got to share it with my wife. She doesn’t usually come to my photoshoots but really stepped up to be my super assistant for this project and now even wants to continue assisting me with my photoshoots going forwards.

Self Portrairt after 7 weeks doing the doorsteps around North London

"It was absolutely amazing to do something I love through photography, in colour, black and white and keeping memories forever with dozens of smiles."

—Luis Gomes

"Thanks to all the family to support my fundrasing project and the NHS heroes and their families who have been supporting them during this time."

—During the lockdown - 2020

All the photos were created following the UK Guidelines for social distances and activities in the country. 

Tech - Details

Canon 6D Mark II

Canon lens: 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f4

Godox System: AD200 and AD200 pro, hexagonal softbox Godox. 

Software: Lightroom and photoshop

Best tool to edit Loupedeck CT.

Print Supplier Loxley Colour

7 Weeks - 42 families - 35 photos per family - Total 1500 Photos.